Tools & References

Below are great tools that we have used for our business that we felt have been a great benefit. We are affiliated with some of the tools we provide you below, so if you click on our links, it does help us out a little bit and we would appreciate it! We truly hope these tools and references benefit you in any way :)

REI Education


We realized that a lot of new investors get lost when they start getting involved with real estate. One of the best things that we really needed when we started was no BS education that was straight to the point. We came across Connected Investors and thought it was pretty great. They have a lot of tools that could better your business and one of the best things that we invested in awhile back to get us started was Really Flip Now.

Click the link below to get access to a FREE webinar on Really Flip. This could be the missing piece to your REI business. But please note, we have no idea how long it will be available. Check it out today!

REI Done-For-You Website

If you are a new investor, or if you don't have any tech skills, we know an excellent platform to build your website. We recommend these guys to anybody involved with real estate investing, and we have used them ourselves. One of our mentors, Jay Conner uses them to this day, you can check out his site at 

This is truly a site where you can set it and forget it and have excellent conversions with your leads. 

Tell them Gila Properties sent ya! Click here to learn more!

 SEO Bible

We found this FREE resource that's helped a LOT with getting ranked higher in Google for terms in my area that motivated sellers and cash buyers are typing into Google.

            There are 52 SEO Keywords for real estate investors you can swipe and use on your own website.  Download it here >>

            After you head over there and download it, there's a solid video that'll walk you through how to use those keywords on your website to get ranked higher and get more leads. Click here to get started.

PPC Marketing Guide + Keywords

If you are newer and don't know about PPC, then we recommend reading this blog before to determine if this is right for you. But for those who are familiar with PPC...

InvestorCarrot, a real estate investing platform, found that pretty much 95% of the keywords most real estate investors have in their PPC accounts are losing them money.

These guys analyzed over 3 million PPC search terms and nearly 5,500 house seller leads to find the 800 highest profit motivated seller keywords.This is the biggest study with data specifically geared towards real estate investors. 

Click here to get FREE access to the full report and guide: "The Top 804 Most Profitable Motivated House Seller PPC Keywords + An Advanced PPC Training Guide"

This report was created by InvestorCarrot with a lot of help from Dan w/ AdwordsNerds who is a Carrot Certified Partner that they've added to their Marketplace for sifting through over 3,000,000 house seller keywords and over 5,500 house seller leads on PPC campaigns they've been running for investors to find the most profitable keywords and PPC strategy according to data.

So, if you're doing any PPC at all you need to read this advanced report.

If you have a PPC person managing your campaigns for you, we highly recommend this report.