Brent & Malia

Brent & Malia

Our Company

Our company, Rincon Property Solutions, LLC, Is a real estate investing company based out of Tucson Arizona. "Bargain AZ Homes" is a division of Rincon Property Solutions.

We’re focused on finding and purchasing great houses for investors and home buyers in Tucson, AZ and Surrounding Areas. 

Often we fix up houses to sell, sell houses we don't want to flip ourselves to other investors, and we offer Rent To Own to those who cannot yet qualify.

We aspire to get to know all our clients on a more personal level. Whether you are looking to buy a bargain property, rent to own, and/or need credit assistance - we want to be here for you and understand exactly what you need so we can tailor every experience just for you.

Our Story

We have always wanted to start a business that helps people in multiple ways. With Brent being a professional XC mountain bike racer, we needed a business that allowed us to control our own schedule to make room for training and racing activities.

We started Rincon Property Solutions, LLC because we have always taken an interest into real estate. We did not want to be real estate agents -- we wanted to be unique. We built a company from the ground up that allows us to connect with and help more people that we could have ever imagined. 

How We Work With Investors & Home Buyers

If you have any more questions about how we work, what the process is, or just want to learn more about us… don’t hesitate to contact us!

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